Mission Statement
We specialize in focused attention, evaluation and resolution for each client and each individual case.

How We Started:

In 1995 the Law Offices of James M. Miller opened its doors for the first time.

After being involved in medical malpractice defense work for five years and having to be on the road for more than two weeks every month, Mr. Miller decided he wanted to spend more time at home, with his family and be more involved in his children's activities. He realized that the only way he could accomplish this was to open his own law office.

Over the next seven years, the Law Offices of James M. Miller flourished, first in Lake Mary and then in Altamonte Springs. During this time, Mr. Miller was able to become more involved in church, civic organizations and activities, while being able to enjoy being with his family and watching his children grow.

While working in his private practice, Mr. Miller gained a better appreciation and understanding of what it meant for attorneys to not only be attorneys at law, but to be counselors at law. Meaning that it wasn't only important to know the law, but it was equally important to be able to communicate the law and its possible legal implications to individuals who don't necessarily know about law. Being a counselor at law also entails being able to appreciate the situation, the feelings of the client, the ability to convey to the client a sense of understanding and providing the client with a feeling of at least some control with their situation. With this, Mr. Miller was able to gain personal satisfaction from being able to help not only those who came through professional outlets for legal advice/help but also those coming for personal reasons. The philosophy and goal of the Law Offices of James M. Miller was to provide good, solid, quality work for a reasonable price. 

Due to situations outside of Mr. Miller's control, he closed his personal law offices and went back to work in a firm setting. Then in January 2012, when he was able, he re-opened the Law Offices of James M. Miller. It had always been the goal of Mr. Miller to reopen his firm, he missed the personal and professional satisfaction that working in his own practice gave him. In December 2011, the right doors and windows opened allowing this goal to become a reality once again.

So once again, the Law Offices of James M. Miller are able to provide good, solid, quality service for a reasonable price with the professionalism, honesty and integrity for which Mr. Miller is known and always has and always will hold in the highest regard.

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